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I am re-posting this message in the hope that I can be helped. I've been unable to work in LessonLAMS for 1 month now! Here's the problem:
Two things have happened. In LessonLAMS (I don't know the version because I can't get back in to check)
1.I was intending to test out "Scratchie" and "Multiple Choice" in a Test File I made. When I'd transitioned them and attempted to open them so that I could play, they flew off the page and I couldn't retrieve them. Why would they do that?

2.So I opened my folder and tried to delete the Test File.
When i closed the window, I had the Error message appear on my screen, I've closed the browser (GoogleChrome) and tried to re-open, but the error just sits there.

I think I shouldn't have deleted a file with it open, right?
Anyway, the bottom line is that I can't get back in to LessonLAMS
Hope you can help :)

Posted by Louise Mason

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