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1: Unable to login
06/12/16 03:17 AM
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Everytime I try to log in Lessonlams, I keep finding the error:

"org.springframework.jdbc.UncategorizedSQLException: Hibernate operation: could not execute query; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [SELECT DISTINCT lesson.lesson_id as lesson1_115_0_, lesson.version as version115_0_, lesson.description as descript3_115_0_, as name115_0_, lesson.create_date_time as create5_115_0_, lesson.start_date_time as start6_115_0_, lesson.end_date_time as end7_115_0_, ..."

Could you solve it?


Posted by Aida Perera

2: Re: Unable to login
In response to 1 06/12/16 04:34 AM
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Good morning,
I have the same problem too and I need working with Lessonlams.

Could you solve it?

Thank you very much!

Posted by Verónica García

3: Re: Unable to login
In response to 1 06/12/16 04:41 AM
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G'day abid LessonLAMS users!

It seems that we had a problem with one of our servers. Now it's fixed.

Thank you,


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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