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1: How to use eAdventure in Lams 2.5?
07/15/16 01:47 AM
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Good day!

I'm just a bit confused on using eadventure tool. I am using LAMS 2.4 that is integrated in moodle 2.5+, I am using an authoring account/teacher.Base on its description, I need to upload a zip file of a game? where can I possibly find those games? or is there a plugin that I miss?

Thank you in advance for those who will answer.


Posted by pdi sample

2: Re: How to use eAdventure in Lams 2.5?
In response to 1 07/17/16 04:29 AM
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Hi PDI sample :-)

The eadventure too was developed by the guys from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

In order to use this activity, you need to get their software in order to create a simulation.

Here's their website:

I've seen that they have a YouTube channel with tutorials and all.

I hope that helps,


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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