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1: tool duplication help
08/04/16 09:10 AM
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I have duplicated notebook tool with command at the end of page
renamed everything containing notebook -> codeexaminer and Notebook -> Codeexaminer

I have fixed mysql skripts db/sql folder so that constraint names do not clash with notebook tool in database.

in my tool package; I has these non existing imports
import org.lamsfoundation.lams.codeexaminer.model.CodeexaminerEntry;
import org.lamsfoundation.lams.codeexaminer.service.CoreCodeexaminerConstants;
original package;
Has these imports
import org.lamsfoundation.lams.notebook.model.NotebookEntry;
import org.lamsfoundation.lams.notebook.service.CoreNotebookConstants;

I have a problem with understanding usage of classes
NotebookEntry and CoreNotebookConstants in project lams_common.

Posted by nikola vulovic

2: Re: tool duplication help
In response to 1 08/05/16 03:56 AM
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Hi Nicola,

You seem to be doing fine :)

Notebook entries are a specific feature of LAMS.
They can be created using Scratch Pad box in Learning interface - just below the vertical progress bar. These entries will be of type 1 (CoreNotebookConstants.SCRATCH_PAD) and will bound to the given lesson (external ID = lesson ID).

The entries can be also created using tools, usually via "reflection", i.e. an extra screen at the end of an activity where a learner can enter what he/she thinks of the activity. In that case they will be of type 2 (CoreNotebookConstants.NOTEBOOK_TOOL), which can be misguiding as it is not just about Notebook tool - any tool can create them. They will be bound to the given activity (external ID = tool session ID and external signature = tool signature). Check out LearningAction.submitReflection() in Chat for an example.

In your case you should not rename the imports. Leave NotebookEntry and CoreNotebookConstants as is.

If you have got any other questions, let us know :)

Posted by Marcin Cieslak

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