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1: HTML 5.0 for students
09/29/16 01:16 AM
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I am using LAMs 2.4. The students need to use flash in order to follow a lesson.

However when they use a phone/tablet they can play the lesson without flash.

Nowadays, many browsers do not support flash anymore.

Is it possible to modified LAMS (2.4)(in a simple way) so that the students can follow the lessons using pure HTML (HTLM 5.0)?


Posted by Miguel Muñoz

2: Re: HTML 5.0 for students
In response to 1 09/29/16 07:56 PM
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Hola Miguel,

We will be releasing a new LAMS version in December that will have a full responsive design and does not longer user Adobe Flash at all.

It's based on bootstrap, HTML5 and SVG graphics.

We are currently testing it and is looking very nice! :-)

Stay tuned for announcements on this within the next few weeks.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Re: HTML 5.0 for students
In response to 2 12/14/16 03:22 AM
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Hi Ernie,

How are things going with the new lams?

Is there any date of release defined?

Posted by Miguel Muñoz

4: Re: Re: Re: HTML 5.0 for students
In response to 3 12/15/16 06:05 AM
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Hi Miguel,

We are almost there with the development of LAMS 3.0!

Will be upgrading our demo site before Monday so you all can have a preview! :-)



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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