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1: LAMS LTI Integration
02/14/18 08:51 PM
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We integrated LAMS running on my localhost with Blackboard (version Q4 2015) also running on my localhost using LTI by following through:

My LAMS localhost has the latest source code from LAMS Vanilla.

Currently, We are encountering the following error on Blackboard when we launch the LAMS content from Blackboard.

Login Failed - login parameters missing

However, we can link our blackboard localhost to as mentioned in the example on Wiki Page.

Are we missing anything??


Posted by sanjana pabsetti

2: Re: LAMS LTI Integration
In response to 1 06/07/18 08:43 PM
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G'day Sanjana, 😃

Yes, LAMS support LTI (the 1.x version but not the 2.x I believe).

But you can test the LAMS Moodle LTI integration at our Moodle LAMS integration demo site. Just make sure you use the *external tool* LAMS LTI to do this.

Not so sure how this works with Blackboard, but some people have integrated it with LAMS using LTI.

Note that LTI is rather poor and not as rich as the building block integration though.

As per the configuration, here's the admin settings from Moodle. Perhaps that might help:

moodle lams admin config



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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