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1: Getting ready for LAMS 2.0!
09/21/06 11:06 PM
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Hi Fellows,

OK, we are getting closer to have a new LAMS 2.0 release in the next couple of weeks. ( Aahh, after so long if feels good to say that... woohoo! :-) It's been quite a journey!

This release would be a "Release Candidate" (RC1), which means: no critical bugs, all expected features and functionalities are implemented and we are ready for final feedback and heavy performance testing. Note that this is not yet a stable release, so we recommend people not to use this with real classes/course, but we do encourage everyone to use it and test it as much as they can.

This Release Candidate will allow us to gather final feedback and find small bugs to be fixed for the final stable release, which will expect should be out by the end of October 2006.

This LAMS v2.0 RC1 will have Windows installers. So you won't need to compile the whole thing manually as we've been doing now (of course, you will be able to compile the whole lot if you choose to). For the stable release, we'll add the Mac OS X and Linux installers just as we did with LAMS 1.0.x.

In addition, we'll have Language packs installers. These language packs will be updated at given times (once a month, perhaps?) with the latest additions/modifications from the internationalization site.

Upgrading from LAMS 1.0.2 to LAMS 2.0

Given that LAMS 2.0 is a complete rewrite of LAMS and uses different technologies, at this stage we don't have an upgrade path from 1.0.2. However, if you are keen to do a manual upgrade, we can discuss here in the community how this can be done (not that we have done it though), but it should be possible... although it might be tedious and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, you are able to import all your 1.0.2 sequence into LAMS 2.0 RC1 without major issues. So all your designs are safe.

Helps an interactive tutorials

Just as we have LAMS 1.0.x documentation and interactive tutorials (winks), we are working to have similar ones for 2.0 (see here and here for examples -more to come shortly). Additionally, we have set up a LAMS 2.0 documentation wiki that will be used for all the documentation in English and other languages.

We hope will have a complete document set and winks by the end of October (stable release). Any help from the community on these is very very welcome and encourage :-)

After the LAMS 2.0RC1 release, we'll have a demo site so you can get your own account and play with it if you just want to have a look at it without having to install it.

So what's missing for the LAMSv2.0 RC1 release?

Well, not much

It's important to emphasize that we will need as much feedback as you can provide when the RC1 is out so we can get to the stable release quicker.

Comments or questions about the release, just please post them here... Thanks


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

2: LAMS 2.0 Release Candidate1 by October 5th!
In response to 1 09/29/06 12:15 AM
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Hi Everyone,

We are in the final stages to get LAMS 2.0RC1 out of the door! Woohoo! :-) It should be here with a nice and neat Windows installer by October 5th (if all goes well).

These release candidate will have *all* LAMS 2.0 features are implemented, no critical bugs and is ready for final feedback and heavy performance testing.

As part of this release, we are encouraging everyone to provide as much feedback as they can so the final stable release (by Oct 31st) looks like a million bucks!

If you can't wait to try it until next week, you can build LAMS now. Translators can have a look at the translators site.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: LAMS 2.0 Release Candidate1 by October 5th!
In response to 2 10/30/06 06:38 PM
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Hi Ernie, how far is the OS X installer?

Posted by Justin Capablanca

5: Re: Re: LAMS 2.0 Release Candidate1 by October 5th!
In response to 3 10/31/06 04:23 AM
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Hi Justin,

We can probably have a Mac OS X installer (only 10.4.x) about two or three weeks after we release 2.0 stable.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't bundle their Java 1.5 SDK in 10.3 or lower.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

4: LAMS 2.0 Update
In response to 1 10/30/06 11:15 PM
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Hi Fellas,

Well today October 31st and LAMS 2.0 is not ready as stable release. Yesterday James spent the whole day reviewing the system again and added lots of small/trivial/medium changes that we need to attend before final release. It's looking good, but since he's after inconsistencies across tools and we have several people doing most of the tools, there seems to be quite a few of them. They won't take a long time to fix, but we will have to test them again and that will take at least another two weeks, if everything goes alright.

So what we'll do is to prepare in the next few days a new release candidate: RC2. This release has a lot of improvements in admin/sysadmin section as well as the IMS LD Export from Author.

Also there's a new feature in 2.0 that will allow people that need a 'dirty integration' with other systems. LAMS will provide you a URL that then you can add to your other system and when the students click on it, they will have to login into LAMS (no single-sign-on here) first and the they will go directly into the sequence. Also your users will have to be created, on a LAMS course, and on the lesson you are trying to run. So, now you can see why it's dirty ;-)

James has also reviewed lots of labels in English, so we'll add a new feature in the i18n site so translators can update the labels that have been changed in English as well.

No one but us want to get 2.0 out... :-( (we've been working on this for years!) However, it's important to get it right and make it look all pretty.

We are getting there... now it's just a matter of weeks.

Thanks for your patience.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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