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1: Confused about "Open URL in popup" in Shared Resources
11/25/06 11:13 AM
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If I check the box labeled "Open URL in popup" then the learner does get a page which has a button to show the URL in popup and it does. But if I don't check the box then the instruction page appears very briefly (in a popup!) and then I see the URL in the same popup as if I checked the box when authoring.

Shouldn't it display in a popup only if that box was checked? Otherwise instructions seem useless since they appear so briefly.

I'm a bit unclear how to find out when I retrieved the LAMS source but it was the first or second of November.



Posted by Ken Kahn

2: Re: Confused about "Open URL in popup" in Shared Resources
In response to 1 11/27/06 02:45 AM
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Could the website you are accessing isn't framebusting?

If you create a share resources entry and enter the following 4 url entries:

Google - with and without the popup
Wikipedia (e.g. - with and without the popup.

Add an instruction for all four entries.

Save the design and then run preview.

When you click on the two Google links, the popup should work as expected. When you click on the link, you get a new window with the instructions and either the Google site, or a button to a popup window containing the Google site.

Now click on the wikipedia links. Wikipedia "bust" out of our frames, so with the entry that does NOT have the popup turned on, you end up with one new window and no instructions.

So if you are calling a website that breaks out of frames automatically, then you should turn on the popup option.

If you are calling a website that doesn't break out of frames, then you can leave the popup option turned off.

Does that help?

Fiona Malikoff

Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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