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1: LAMS 2.0 is now released!
12/06/06 11:14 AM
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After months and months of work, finally LAMS 2.0 is out and it was launched yesterday at the LAMS Conference in Sydney.

The most exciting thing about this 2.0 release is not just that is ready to be used (which is very cool in itself), but in fact, this is the beginning of a much interesting road map. Now that LAMS has a modular architecture any developer anywhere can start creating their own tools, modifying the existing ones to customize them to his/her needs, change the tool's interface, etc.

As the LAMS 2.0 framework is ready the possibilities for creating activity sequences for any education sector are endless. We can create now tools and activities for engineering, language, linguistics, computer science, education, kinder garden kids, etc. That's on top of the default 17 LAMS activity tools (which features such as lock when finished, use them offline, full HTML, record journals, export portfolio, etc).

So the most exciting part is about to start!

And as a LAMS dev community we are thrilled at the many possibilities we have to shape out LAMS in future!

Regarding translations, all 23 languages have been included. However, if you use the LAMS installer, these are the languages that have completed the minimum requirements for translations (the 4 flash modules):

* ar_JO Arabic (Jordan)
* da_DK Danish (Denmark)
* de_DE German (Germany)
* el_GR Greek (Greece)
* en_AU English (Australia) *default*
* es_ES Spanish (Spain)
* fr_FR French (France)
* it_IT Italian (Italy)
* ko_KR Korean (Korea)
* no_NO Norwegian (Norway)
* pl_PL Polish (Poland)
* pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil)
* sv_SE Swedish (Sweden)
* vi_VN Vietnamese (Vietnam)
* zh_CN Chinese (China)

If your translation is not there, no worries, just keep working on your translations and the language packs are going to keep your LAMS 2.0 updated with the latest from the i18n site.

There are stucks of features included even from RC2: serious UI improvements for rigth-to-left languages (arabic), The whole admin/sysadmin module has the ability to modify all system parameters directly from the web, bulk user creation, modification of default tool content, modify login page, etc, etc...

Here are some rough Release Notes based on the tasks we've done while working on this release.

There are lots and lots of people to thank for this and this is just a few of the people that have been involved in the development -but by no means is complete.

Development Team:

Fiona Malikoff
Dapeng Ni
Ozgur Demirtas
Jun-Dir Liew
Mitchell Seaton
Anthony Sukkar
Pradeep Sharma
Luke Foxton
Yoichi Takayama
Ernie Ghiglione
Fei Yang
David Caygill
Mai Ling Truong
Anthony Xiao
Jacky Fang
Manpreet Minhas
Chris Perfect

Graphic design and cover page model:

Michelle O'Reilly

LAMS Educational Team:

Robyn Philip
Bronwen Dalziel
Angela Voerman
Karen Baskett

Support Staff:

Renee Vance
Johnny Ly
Andrew Logue

LAMS Creator and Benevolent Dictator:

James Dalziel


Maori (New Zealand)
Robin Ohia

Portuguese (Brazil)
Paulo Gouveia
Charles Niza
Orzenil Silva Junior

Welsh (United Kingdom)
Kris Besley

Spanish (Spain)
Carlos Marcelo
Ernie Ghiglione

German (Germany)
Ralf Hilgenstock

Chinese (China)
Fei Yang
Dapeng Ni
Li Yan

French (France)
Nadia Spang Bovey

Italian (Italy)
Edoardo Montefusco
Laura Petrillo
Roberta Gaeta
Massimo Angeloni
Silvia Flaim
Benedetto Ferrante

Norwegian (Norway)
Erik Engh

Swedish (Sweden)
Anders Berggren

Korean (Korea)
Jong-Dae Park

Polish (Poland)
Adam Stecyk
Sebastian Komorowski

Hungarian (Hungary)
Gyula Papp
Tamas Keresztes

Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Daniel Denev

Thai (Thailand)
Kittipong Phumpuang

Greek (Greece)
Spyros Papadakis
Eleni Rossiou

Dutch (Belgium)
Rob Joris

Arabic (Jordan)
Abdel-Elah Al-Ayyoub
Al-Faisal El-Dajani

Danish (Denmark)
Jens Bruun Kofoed

Russian (Russia)
Anton Vychegzhanin

Vietnamese (Viet Nam)
Thành Bùi
Viettien Soft
Ha Vu

The release comes in two favors (and we'll add more in the near future): A Windows installer and -as usual- you can also compile it from source.

Now LAMS is all yours so please enjoy it and get involved now! :-)


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

2: Re: LAMS 2.0 is now released!
In response to 1 12/12/06 12:34 AM
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For those starting to plan their production servers for LAMS 2.0, have a look at the System Adminstrators' Guide section on We are gradually adding information on installing, configuring and running LAMS.

Today I have added a page on Production Server settings, covering things like which directories have to go on disks with a lot of space, where the temporary files are written, etc.


Fiona Malikoff
Technical Lead, LAMS 2.0

Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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