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1: Imminent release for LAMS 2.0.2
03/15/07 12:21 AM
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Hi Everyone,

Spyros from Greece and his colleagues have pointed out to us that there's a bug in LAMS when you create a sequence that has a non-roman characterset on it.

When they add lessons and the sequences name uses Greek characters, the lesson names appear as a bunch of question marks (ie: ???????????).

Although this does not stop LAMS from working, it's very annoying as your students don't know even what sequence they need to click on! :-)

This also occurs with Arabic and Korean as far as we have tested.

In addition, as you might have read in the past few days, there have been problems with the LAMS 2.0.1 updater/installer adding CVS directories and preventing export portfolio to function properly.

Also the people that run Moodle and use XAMPP to do so, had some problems with the earlier 2.0.1 installer.

Adding all this, we decided to have a new point release 2.0.2 in the next few days that will clear out all these issues.

We'll have a LAMS2.0.2 installer/upgrader to make things easier. XAMMP people will be able to make use of this as well.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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