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1: Changing default tool content
04/12/07 12:36 AM
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Hi everyone,

Karen Baskett has suggested today that all tools should have the option "Lock when Finished" turned off by default as students always might want to come back to continue participating in a Forum debate, for instance.

So knowing that people will have different preferences about default tool content, we have screens in the Sysadmin module that allow you to modify the default tool content for ANY

These options allow you not just to change the Advanced Settings, but also the content that you want to be displayed in the title, instructions, default questions (in the case of MCQ and Q&A), default forum threads, etc, etc..

Also if you use LAMS in another language, you can change the default English content we have in there to your own language content.

So just to let you know. Thanks Karen for reminding us about this.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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