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1: Quick Q:.... Port numbers
04/23/07 01:24 AM
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our LAMS machine is just about to be locked down before being deployed. All extraneous ports will be blocked.

1) is the port number for the LAMS webserver easy to change after install? presently it's at 8080. I'm hoping to change it to port :80 so it's less confusing to students

2) the wildfire chat server is running off the default port of :9090

this is in addition to (from the admin console) the installed settings of

1: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL
Domain Name(s): xxxxx-xxx-xx
2: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL
Domain Name(s): xxxxx-xxx-xx
3: IP:Port, Security:, TLS (SSL)
Domain Name(s): xxxxx-xxx-xx

so, 5 ports need to be left open, yes?

in short: the ports needed to be left open are:

- the LAMS webserver (hoping to change that to :80 - there is no Apache or IIS installed on the box to conflict)

- the 4 WildFire ports (:9090 and the other 3 ports)

NOTE: this is LAMS 2.0.2 and WildFire 2.6.2


(any old port in a storm, eh? preferable a dry tawny one...)

Posted by barry beattie

2: Re: Quick Q:.... Port numbers
In response to 1 04/23/07 05:58 PM
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80 vs 8080: Quite simple to change - see the wiki page Changing Server Ports for LAMS. You need to change the server url in the LAMS configuration table and then follow the simple method of changing the (LAMS JBoss Server Directory)\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar\server.xml file.

If you remember to change the server url first then you can do it by logging in to sysadmin and going to the edit configuration screen in the sysadmin menu. If you change the port in jboss first (and restart jboss) then you might not be able to log in properly and the you would have to change the server url in the database (the hard way)

Watch the performance of your server though - on one of our servers we have found it runs much better with Apache running on port 80, and moving the some of the graphics files to the Apache server. This allows JBOSS to concentrate on the "logical" and database tasks while Apache serves all the fiddly little graphics files.

Have a look at the section on Apache that Jun-Dir has added to Production Server Settings on the wiki.

Open Ports: Assuming Wildfire is running on the SAME server as LAMS then you should only need the LAMS port (8080 or 80) open on your firewall between your users and the LAMS server.

We purposely did it this way in LAMS 2.0 so that people don't have to get the LAMS port open + a chat port open in their firewall - this has been a problem on some sites at the past.

LAMS needs to be able to talk to port 9090, so you can't close down the port on the server itself. LAMS doesn't explicitly talk to the other Wildfire ports (5269, 5222, 5223) but I can't guarantee that Wildfire itself doesn't want to talk to them.

So maybe leave all the Wildfire ports enabled on the server for its own local traffic, but close them on the firewall. Does that make sense?

If Wildfire is running on a different server to LAMS, then there will need to be a hole in any firewall between LAMS and Wildfire for port 9090.

Clear as mud? Or that tawny port? Personally I'm more in need of a cuppa tea.


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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