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1: Removing assigned sequences
04/23/07 09:40 PM
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How do you get rid of sequences that have been disabled and are no longer needed?

I have assined a sequence to 9 classes and then found that it needed modification. I now have lots of disabled sequences cluttering up my groups page.

Greg Jones

Posted by Greg Jones

2: Re: Removing assigned sequences
In response to 1 04/23/07 09:53 PM
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G'day Greg,

Yes, you can remove disabled lessons.

Once a lesson is disabled, set the status of the lesson to Archived. Then you can change then its status (again) to Remove and that will get rid of the lesson in the My Groups page.

Note that it will ask you two tricky questions. So read them well before going yes, yes...

Just making sure you teachers don't remove lessons by accident


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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