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1: Chat Issues
05/01/07 10:13 PM
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Is the tech side of chat any simpler in the updated version? I am wondering if I need to see the network administrator of my school to allow chat to work as I am finding the tech issues no different in this version.

Posted by Chris Durante

2: Re: Chat Issues
In response to 1 05/01/07 10:15 PM
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In LAMS2, there's no need to open extra ports and all that (as we had to do with LAMS1). All the chat traffic goes over http :-)


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Chat Issues
In response to 1 05/02/07 10:07 PM
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Hi Chris,

I have installed a LAMS2 server in my school and have chat working well wqithout having to open any more ports. I configured Wildfire to run an internal database rather than trying to make it go with a MySQL database. It worked first time when I configured Wildfire with the server name/IP address.

Hope it works for you,

Matthew Topp

Posted by Matthew Topp

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