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1: LAMS 2.0.2 upgrader for Unix available
05/02/07 10:20 PM
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Hi People,

We just updated the LAMS Downloads page to include the LAMS 2.0.2 upgrader for Unix. This upgrader will allow you to upgrade your current LAMS 2.0 to the latest available LAMS version today (2.0.2).

One you untar the upgrader, make sure you set the values in the file correctly so the upgrader script can work based on those.

The upgrader will attempt to stop LAMS (if it's running) and then will ask you whether you want to backup LAMS2.0. We strongly recommend you to choose this option as if any problem occur you can revert back to your old version. It will then prompt you to specify a directory where it should put the back up files (read the readme file for further details). After the backup, the upgrader scripts will perform the upgrade. Once it's done, you can start JBoss again and voila! you are in LAMS 2.0.2 land!

The upgrade also includes all the language dictionary files, so you won't need to apply the language packs.

As usual, if you have any problem, just post them here.

A big kudos to Luke for his work on this.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

2: Re: LAMS 2.0.2 upgrader for Unix available
In response to 1 05/03/07 12:28 AM
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Just to highlight a change - we've added a new script to make running LAMS easier. If you are running LAMS using the wrapper, then just keep using the wrapper.

But if you are running LAMS by going to the jboss/bin directory and then manually running the script, then check the readme file for the new command - it saves you having to get the nohup and the & stuff right.


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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