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1: LAMS 2.02 update script problems
05/08/07 06:45 AM
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I was trying to update to Lams 2.02 on our unix machine yesterday. After setting the JAVA_HOME en PATH vars and using our current file I was ready to start the script.

But it seems to stop after the backup step or in the beginning of the update step. But I can't find anything in the log folder neither can I see any output because the script causes my putty to disappear. Or when i try running the script using the 'screen' command it crashes back to my first putty which i opened the new 'screen' in.

It looks to me that the real updating begins at line: 247 of the script after the checklams and backup steps. But I cannot determine if the 'Beginning ant scripts, check log/install.log for install log' output is displayed because my putty is gone by then. So my guess is that it goes wrong somewhere along Line: 247.

When I choose backup 'n' it's the same problem.

Anyone got suggestions? Or maybe a good way how to debug this?

Posted by Boy de Wit

2: Re: LAMS 2.02 update script problems
In response to 1 05/08/07 05:48 PM
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I agree that it sounds like it is failing on the "real" part of the update.

A few ideas:
* To check if the backup has worked, go to the directory where the backup was made. You should have two subdirectories "jboss-4.0.2" and "uploaded-files". There should also be a .sql file there that is the database dump. Do you have these directories/files?

* Check the permissions on the files in the ant/bin directory. All of these files must be runnable.

* You are doing "sudo" or running as root when you call, or running as some special user that you have set up for LAMS? ie don't run it just as a normal user or it won't be able to overwrite files in the jboss directory.

* When you start your putty window, you will normally be in your home directory. While you are there type "script lamsupdate.txt". This will start a file lamsupdate.txt in that directory that contains the output of the terminal window. Then (hopefully) when putty closes its window, you can log into the server again and have a look at the contents of the lamsupdate.txt file.

If the problem is one too many "exit"s happening, then the putty window may not close. Normally to end the script file you type "exit" on the command line and you then get "Script done, output file is lamsupdate.txt". So if there is a stray exit somewhere, then with any luck the exit will end the script but not the putty window.

When you look at the lamsupdate.txt file, you will see funny characters like ^G and ^M, particularly if you hit backspace while typing. This is quite normal.

* In the putty configuration, go to Session Logging and turn on "all session output". Then putty should create its own log as well.

* Make sure you look for the log/install.log in the installation directory not the jboss directory.


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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