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1: Share resources issue
05/30/07 08:27 PM
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In a sequence I have developed I used Share Resources to provide links to a web site and a couple of pdfs. I was sharing thems as URLs and ticked the open in pop-up option. I wanted the students to have both the website and and the pdfs open simultaneously. I found however that clicking on the second resource reused the previously open pop up window.
Is there a way of causing a new pop up window to be used each time rather than reusing the currently open window?

Greg Jones

Posted by Greg Jones

2: Re: Share resources issue
In response to 1 05/31/07 05:50 AM
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Are you using IE? If you are, try Firefox.

My initial answer was going to be no, there isn't any way to do it as it is hardcoded to use the same window.

But I just tried this: I created a shared resources activity with three entries, two of which had the open in popup turned on. When I ran it in preview, I click on the first link, got up the window with the instruction and clicked the "open URL in pop-up" link and the popup window came up with the first website.

Then I clicked on the second "popup on" link. It replaced the instruction window (as expected) but when I clicked on "Open URL in pop-up" up came another window. It didn't reuse the popup window.

This was in Firefox on the Mac.

I had a look at the code on the page and I think we have a bug on the page (javascript is mistyped javascipt), and that may be why I ended up with two popup windows.

I'll fire up Windows in the morning and check IE there.

Curiouser and curiouser. I love bugs that enhance functionality.....


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

3: Re: Re: Share resources issue
In response to 2 05/31/07 06:28 PM
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I've check in IE and it works "correctly" that is it reuses the popup window.

What do others think about this? When using the popup option would you like it to reuse the popup window or would you prefer it to open a new window.


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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