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1: LAMS 2.0.3 slight delay
06/01/07 11:09 AM
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Hi Everyone,

We have spent all this week testing LAMS 2.0.3 and were very close to release it today (Friday).

However, some late minute problems when upgrading existing 2.0.2 server to this new release has make us feel that is better to continue testing it for a few extra days. The main problem is that after upgrading your server to 2.0.3, your browser might still have LAMS pages cached from 2.0.2, therefore new features might not be displayed or new dictionary entries would show as missing. The quickest fix is to clear your browser cache, but that will be rather annoying as you would you have to do it in every browser that you use LAMS 2.0.2. But the other option is to change a setting in the back end that make sure that your browser does not cache that information and that's what we have done now but didn't manage to test yet.

So it seems that we are ready for a solid LAMS 2.0.3 to be ready by early next week.

Once again, sorry for the delay, but better be cautious than sorry again.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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