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1: importing users error
06/03/07 06:44 PM
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I used the import users template downloaded from the LAMS superadmin account. Attached is a log of the error I got when trying to import our year 7 students into the system.

Some stuff to know:

Server computer OS: Server 2003 with LAMS 2.02
My computer XPSP2 + ie7

we are trying to upload 275 kids and for the sake of convenience are giving them the same password.

Posted by Matthew Topp

2: Re: importing users error
In response to 1 06/03/07 07:24 PM
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figured out my own problem. I had a concantenate formula generating the user email address (we got user names from the DET ISP console), but the import rejected it because of the formula.

Instead I copied the whole spreadsheet into a new sheet and pasted values only then imported.

Worked a dream.

Now all I need to do is find an easy way to add 300 students to out Learning/Year 7 group!

Posted by Matthew Topp

3: Re: Re: importing users error
In response to 2 06/03/07 08:33 PM
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I've used concatenate in my import spreadsheets before though, so I suspect something else in the spreadsheet was causing the error. Glad to see you worked it out :)

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

4: Re: importing users error
In response to 1 06/04/07 03:39 PM
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and another quick question about importing a large number of users: how can I manage the mbetter. Thet are in the server now, but ther eis no order to them, so finding 30 kids out of a randomly arranged 300(and soon to be 1800) is a nightmare of the highest order.

As this is a database, is there any way of ordering on the fields that we have already, for example surname or user name?

Cheers again,


Posted by Matthew Topp

5: Re: Re: importing users error
In response to 4 06/04/07 06:03 PM
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Which screen are you talking about and what exactly are you doing?

Are you trying to put the users in their organisations? If so, would it be easier to do it via a spreadsheet load - there is a second spreadsheet for putting users in organisations with roles.

If it is just one user you are trying to find to update their profile, then go to the Sys Admin menu and do "Find User". This is under the System Admin menu and not the Group Management menu. That will allow you to enter their login or their name and bring up a short list of matching users.


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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