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1: Moving Flash files within the LAMS source code
06/05/07 11:00 PM
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We have done some changes to the Flash files in the code. Instead of putting the .fla and .as (flash files) with the lams_central project, we have now moved them to another module called lams_flash.

We've done this because these flash files are rather large and are not used when compiling/building LAMS. The only files that are used when LAMS is compiled are the .SWF files which are already compiled and web-ready flash movies.

Some of these .fla files are larger than 25MBs which makes it really heavy to download when they want to build LAMS from source. For instance lams_central has gone from 90+MBs to 12MBs. So to make things easier for everyone, we have moved them to lams_flash.

Of course, if you want to modify the flash files, make sure you download the lams_flash module.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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