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1: Sharing Learning Activity sequence
06/12/07 07:36 AM
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In LAMS v1, author can create a sequence and can share this activity sequence with all the users by storing sequence in public workspace. But in LAMS v2, when i create a sequence there are only 2 folders shown

1. private
2. My groups

Is there anyway, i can make my activity sequence visible to all the users of the LAMS in version2?

Thanks in Advance!

Bhavesh R Bhanushali

Posted by Bhavesh Bhanushali

2: Re: Sharing Learning Activity sequence
In response to 1 06/12/07 06:00 PM
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I think we ran through most of the options for sharing sequences on another thread. Rather than repeat it all here, have a read of that one.

I'm happy to take feedback on this issue from folks - do we want a public folder back and what sort of priority would it have?


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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