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1: LAMS Experience with Mobile Devices
07/30/07 12:37 AM
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Hi Fellas,

Last week, Debbie Evans from the ICT Innovations Center lent us a Windows CE 5 embedded device called Nova5000.

In the ICT Center they've been using the these devices with primary kids before. And now they want their kids to also run their LAMS lessons as well.

So we borrow a Nova and see if we could use them with LAMS. Although the Novas are quite restricted in memory size (only 32 MBs!), LAMS works very well for the learner interfaces. Have a look at the pictures!

We are looking forward to see the kids using LAMS in their Mobile devices now :-)

If you have a Mobile phone running Windows CE 5 and Flash Player 7, login into LAMS and let us know how it goes!



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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