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1: .LRN Integration out!
10/07/07 06:58 PM
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Hi fellas,

We've been working on a new integration for the past few weeks for the .LRN Learning Management System.

Although not an ultra popular platform, .LRN is used in quite a few places with very large deployments (120+K users in some cases).

Additionally, the LAMS Community runs the .LRN platform.

We have created a LAMS- .LRN demo site with tutorials and all as we've done with all the other integrations. So if you want to have a look, check out the Integrations page in the wiki.

This also paves the way to allow LAMS Community users to preview sequences in the here directly in LAMS. Which means that if you want to have a look at a sequence that is in the sequence repository, you would click directly in a button there and will preview the sequence directly from the LAMS Community.

This will be quite handy as of today, you need to download the sequence, import it into your LAMS server and the preview it.

So hopefully we'll get to this shortly.

Comments and suggestions very welcome. Here are some of the comments from the .LRN/OpenACS community if you are interested.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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