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1: .LRN Lams Integration login error
12/26/07 09:43 AM
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When clicking "Open Lesson" in the .LRN lams integration package I am getting this error

HTTP Status 502 - Login Failed - failed to fetch user info from the third party server

when I attemp to access the lesson logged in as other than site-wide admin. Site-wide admin accounts can open lessons.

This is what the LAMS log says

10:12:30,176 [http-] DEBUG - Process request for '/favicon.ico'
10:12:30,176 [http-] DEBUG - Checking for SSO cookie
10:12:30,176 [http-] DEBUG - SSO cookie is not present

I could not find anything related to this NO LOGIN IS CARRIED OUT message.

Posted by Dave Bauer

2: Re: .LRN Lams Integration login error
In response to 1 12/26/07 12:06 PM
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I missed the previous error in the log. There was a misconfiguration and LAMS could not contact the .LRN server.

Posted by Dave Bauer

3: Re: Re: .LRN Lams Integration login error
In response to 2 12/26/07 05:39 PM
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Hi Dave,

It sounded like LAMS couldn't fetch the user details from .LRN.

Just as a further clarification, when a user 'jumps' from .LRN (or any other integrated LMS) to LAMS, one of the steps in authentication process in LAMS is to verify if the user exists in LAMS, if it doesn't then it makes a call back to .LRN (server to server call) to get the user details (first name, last name, email address, etc).

Of course if the user already exists in LAMS, then no user details are requested.

That's why your sysadmin user was allowed to see the lesson, whereas 'new' users were returning an error


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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