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1: Changing learner popup window size.
01/17/08 08:01 AM
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Is there any control on what size the popup window will be?

Can I just change this in the LMS integration when it generates the javascript to open the window?

The way the popup looks, intuitively I think all the content should fit into the content pane without any scrolling. Especially for interactive content, this seems like the best, if it doesn't make the window too big.

At least I'd like to make the width of the window big enough to prevent horizontal scrolling.

Posted by Dave Bauer

2: Re: Changing learner popup window size.
In response to 1 01/17/08 03:16 PM
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Hi Dave,


Have a look at the lams2int/www/index.adp file. In there you'll find the


Just change the hardcoded height and width and that should do the trick.

Perhaps this options could be this package parameters? Or even better, they could be set when you create the lesson in the .LRN side. Either way it should be fairly easy to do.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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