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1: changing LAMS_DIR after install
03/09/08 05:44 PM
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What is the easiest way to change the LAMS_DIR after installation? Can I just change it in, move the directory and then restart lams? I have a feeling that the LAMS_DIR setting in is only used at install time - if so how do you change it after install?

Posted by Glen Davies

2: Re: changing LAMS_DIR after install
In response to 1 03/09/08 06:00 PM
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You're right, the is only used at install/update time. But it's a good idea to change that file if you do move it so you won't forget. To change the value of LAMS_DIR used by LAMS, copy your old directory contents to the new directory, then login as sysadmin and change the values for the following keys to reflect the new directory:

Content Repository

If your server is busy then you might want to shutdown lams and do the move offline (you can edit the values for the above in the lams_configuration table).

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

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