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1: Changing port that LAMS runs on.
06/28/08 01:59 PM
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I am trying to change the port Jboss for LAMS runs on. By default its running on 8080. Our users are behind a firewall that doesn't allow access to that port, so we need to switch to port 80.

I changed many of the config files, and lams is running on port 80, but the css files and other things are still beinng requested on port 8080.

Is there a comprehensive way to update all the config files?

Posted by Dave Bauer

2: Re: Changing port that LAMS runs on.
In response to 1 06/28/08 02:08 PM
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As I typed this question, I had an idea. I poked around in the database and lo and behold the port is also coded into the database.

I updated lams_configuration table where config_key='ServerURL' to remove the port and now everything looks good.

Posted by Dave Bauer

3: Re: Re: Changing port that LAMS runs on.
In response to 2 06/28/08 07:48 PM
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Correct, the serverURL needed to be changed.

For future reference:

* If you can work with no stylesheets then you can change it via the sysadmin menu, on the system configuration page. Then you don't need to restart LAMS to have the change picked up.

* If you have further complications with changing ports (say 80 didn't suit) then we've put some notes on the page
Changing Server Ports for LAMS page on the wiki.


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

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