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1: Installation Problems with MySQL already installed
10/26/05 05:18 AM
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I have already installed MySQL via EasyPHP1.8 for using Moodle. When I come to try and install LAMS 1.01 I get errors when clicking on install.

First off there was a message about mysqld-nt.exe not being present. So I changed the mysql path to point to EasyPHP and that solved that.

Second there was still a message about mysqld-nt.exe not being present.So I copied the mysqld.exe as mysqld-nt.exe and that solved that (but may cause problems?)

Third it didn't like me having a blank password for the mysql root admin. (I know I know but this is just a laptop private set up) So I changed my mysql (and moodle) config to have a root password and that solved that.

Fourth I still got a message saying please set the current and correct password if MySQL has already been configured.

I know it sounds like I've got a wrong password but I think I've got this correct?

Posted by Colin McQueen

2: Re: Installation Problems with MySQL already installed
In response to 1 10/26/05 08:42 PM
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The Windows installer checks if the MySQL installation you specified is correct by checking for the existence of mysqld-nt.exe. The only problem I can see with copying msqld.exe as mysqld-nt.exe is when you try to start MySQL via EasyPHP's interface - however you should only need to keep a copy of mysqld-nt.exe for the benefit of the LAMS installer, then you can remove it to go back to how EasyPHP installed it.

The LAMS installer also does not accept an empty MySQL root password.

It doesn't use this password until after you have clicked 'Install', so thats when you get the message saying 'please set the correct password'. At this point make sure that your MySQL is running, as LAMS will use it to create its database. You should probably keep a copy of the mysqld.exe instead of renaming it, since this is what EasyPHP uses to run MySQL.

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

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