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Hi Alicia,

Currently the Flash side of LAMS is developed in Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 using actionscript version 2.0. It is not yet possible to develop the flash modules in later versions of the flash IDE until support is added, which will likely occur at a later date. You'll need Flash player 7 or above to view the compiled swf files.

When you modify the monitoring files, you need to publish lams_monitoring_v1.fla first and then publish the lams_monitoring_main.fla. By default, the compiled swfs will appear under the web folder in the lams_monitoring project. You need to have your lams_monitoring.war folder (..\jboss-4.0.2\server\default\deploy\lams.ear\lams-monitoring.war) exploded in jboss such that you can copy over the new swf files after you make changes.

The files you'll need to modify are in the lams_flash project. In the Flash MX 2004 IDE, open up lams_monitoring_v1.fla and lams_monitoring_main.fla

If you want to add the button along side "Journal Entries", "Refresh" and "Go" then with lams_monitoring_v1 selected go to Window->Library from the menu bar. Scroll down to the monitor folder, open it, and then double click the monitorView movie clip. From there you can edit the clip and add your new button. Make sure that when you add the button you check the checkbox to export the movieclip to actionscript and give it an appropriate instance name.

After you've added the button you'll need to define its layout and add event listeners and so forth. As a guide, have a look at how one of the existing buttons is set up, ie viewJournals_btn that's defined in If you follow a similar approach it will no-doubt help to simplify the process.

Hope it helps.


Posted by Daniel Carlier

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