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1: html code in html noticeboard
10/30/05 06:33 AM
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This refers to the sequence Remweg in week 7 of course 2.

Is there any way in which I might upload images or include javascript tools in hmtl noticeboards?

I've put in some code into an html noticeboard. The result is a page that actually partly does what I was hoping for, unfortunately with errors on the page that I cannot correct. The code that I put in has disappeared once I re-open the page for editing.

I think Ernie has already had a look at the sequence so he knows what it looks like. I cannot quote the code that I put in here; it's stopped by an automatic filter...!

Posted by Roel Scheepens

2: Re: html code in html noticeboard
In response to 1 10/30/05 07:01 AM
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Here's a picture of the noticeboard, thank you Ernie!

Posted by Roel Scheepens

3: Re: Re: html code in html noticeboard
In response to 2 10/30/05 07:12 AM
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Hi Roel,

Would you be able to send me the code you are inserting in the HTML noticeboard so I can have a look?

I think there might be some conflicting JavaScript in there.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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