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1: Compilation Erros in LAMS 2
02/05/09 08:33 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded LAMS source code (core and tools) form the CVS by using Eclipse 3.2.

I am nearly to finish including all required jar files in order to all projects compile correctly, however I am having problems with lams_admin and lams_central. I have attached a screenshot with the errors I am getting in Eclipse. Apparently some libraries must be included in the Java Build Path but I have tried several of them and the same errors are still there.

I have also attached the current Java Build Path of both lams_admin and lams_central. Could anybody tell what is wrong with those?

Many thanks in advance :) Alicia.

Posted by Alicia Campos

2: lams_central and lams_admin Java Build Paths
In response to 1 02/05/09 08:37 AM
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Here there are my current Java Build paths for these two projects,

Posted by Alicia Campos

3: Re: Compilation Erros in LAMS 2
In response to 1 02/05/09 05:14 PM
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Looks like new code :) The action in lams_central wants to call a method in the User object, which lives in lams_common. You just need to update lams_common as well and build again. In general it's a good idea to update all the lams core projects at the same time (i.e. lams_admin, lams_build, lams_central, lams_common, lams_monitoring, lams_learner, lams_content_repository).

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

4: Re: Compilation Erros in LAMS 2
In response to 1 02/06/09 06:22 PM
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Hola Alicia,

Just to let you know, there has been lots of changes yesterday as part of updating the HTML online editor to a faster and more robust version across all projects. So make sure you do a fresh checkout please.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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