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1: Problems upgradinging to 2.3
06/16/09 01:07 PM
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I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.3.
I run the unix-updater-2.2 and unix-updater-2.3

restarted lams and its running apparently ok.

First problem is missing css files under lams-central.war/css defaultMainHTML.css defaultMainHTML_rtl.css

I see these exist in a new lams 2.3 install.

Posted by Dave Bauer

2: Re: Problems upgradinging to 2.3
In response to 1 06/16/09 01:21 PM
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Figured this out!

It was related to the change of URL on the test server. Updating the lams_configuration table with the new URL solved the CSS problem.

Posted by Dave Bauer

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