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1: m/c error after upgrade
06/26/09 08:52 AM
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I got an erorr after upgrading from 2.1 to 2.3 editing multiple choice questions.

The column "displayAnswers" is missing from the tl_lamc11_content table.

I could not find anywhere this is created during upgrade.

I added it manually and everything seems to be working now.

Posted by Dave Bauer

2: Re: m/c error after upgrade
In response to 1 06/26/09 08:54 AM
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It looks like this was added in 2.2.

I looked in lams-2.2-updater zip file under sql-scripts and did not see a script that adds the displayAnswers column. Should I be looking somewhere else?


Posted by Dave Bauer

3: Re: Re: m/c error after upgrade
In response to 2 06/28/09 05:43 PM
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Hi Dave,

This is the sql command:

ALTER TABLE tl_lamc11_content ADD COLUMN displayAnswers TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER randomize;

Its in the updateTo20070820.sql script, which would have been in the 2.0.1 updater all the way back in 07... Have you been maintaining this server since 2.0?


Posted by Luke Foxton

4: Re: Re: Re: m/c error after upgrade
In response to 3 06/28/09 07:11 PM
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Yes, I believe so. I am not sure where I went wrong. I'll check the 2.0.1 updater and make sure I did not miss anything else.


Posted by Dave Bauer

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