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1: how do this command lines?
07/27/09 02:53 AM
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when I set up the soutce codes,I do this step,the command lines are following:

Using Command Line Ant
Then in lams_build project, run the following ant tasks:

Run "rebuild-db
Run "assemble-ear"
Run "deploy-ear"
Run "deploy-tools"
Run "copyfiles"
Using Eclipse 3.2

what can I do in this step?

Posted by shuai yuan

2: Re: how do this command lines?
In response to 1 07/27/09 11:52 AM
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There's an Ant view in Eclipse ( Just drop the build.xml file into the Ant view and then all the ant tasks for this file will show there.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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