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1: A few problems with in install of version 2.3.2
09/07/09 08:21 AM
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We have recently installed LAMS 2.3.2 on out pilot server and have noticed a few problems. These problems do not exist on the foundation demo server so there must be something wrong with our configuration.

1- When a lesson is added to a group (main page / add lesson). The uploading circling icon continues to circle forever and there is no indication that the lesson is actually added to the group. It seems to be stuck there. If you click on "close" and refresh the main page the lesson is indeed uploaded to the group. The ESC key also does not close this window.

2- In the Authoring panel, after an activity has been edited and the author clicks on the “save” button a page appears with the text “Congratulations, your content saved successfully!” along with a “re-edit” and a “close” button. Clicking on the “close” button does nothing. One has to click on the “X” in the top right hand corner of the page to exit this page. The “re-edit” button does work as it re-opens the editing page for the activity. Note: The “close” button does work in live edit in the monitor but not in the authoring panel.

Posted by Neal Hirsig

2: Re: A few problems with in install of version 2.3.2
In response to 1 09/07/09 08:40 PM
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Hi Neal,

1. When the uploading circle spins, it is waiting for LAMS to confirm that the lesson has been added successfully. The reason it takes so long in 2.3 is probably because it's waiting for a response from a Chat/Wildfire server that doesn't exist - do you have a Wildfire server configured?

2. What browser are you using? Once you encounter the error, could you paste any message you find here? i.e. in Firefox, you can find errors under Tools->Error Console, in IE8 Tools->Developer Tools. Note IE6 isn't supported in 2.3.

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

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