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1: mdl_lamstwo_grade
10/02/09 08:57 AM
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Hi everyone!!

I have installed LAMS and moodle with package lamstwo and I have a doubt with one table that is added --> mdl_lamstwo_grade

When is modified this table?
Which is the objective of this table?

Thanks for your answers

Posted by Álvaro Franco

2: Re: mdl_lamstwo_grade
In response to 1 10/06/09 08:47 PM
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That table is used when Moodle calculates grades in a course. The way it does it is very simplistic, something like number of activities completed / total number of activities in the sequence. The objective was to experiment with Moodle's gradebook feature. I'm not sure how useful it actually is in it's current state; think of it as an experimental feature.


Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

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