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1: Default File Save Location
11/11/09 06:26 PM
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Hi All,

I have just started using LAMS and have some queries regarding the location where sequence gets saved.
When i try to save a sequence in LAMS , the location by default lists my workspace ( user space, My groups and public folder) , i would like to know where does this workspace reside . Is it in LAMS community or in some location in my local computer ? If it is not in my local computer, then what exactly does the MySQL DB store ?

I appreciate if anyone could clarify this for me.


Posted by esh nagappan

2: Re: Default File Save Location
In response to 1 11/12/09 12:33 AM
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The workspace is stored as data in your database. Sequences, lessons, user accounts, learner progress data, monitoring data, etc are stored in the database. Nothing gets stored on unless you upload an exported LAMS sequence manually.

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

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