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1: Bug (Revisiting a sequence)
11/12/09 12:01 PM
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After completing a simple sharing - mcq -wiki sequence, when I come back to it as a learner to view the items, there will be an exception in transit from QCM to Wiki (NumberFormatException)

The lesson/sequence is on the nov 12 translation server:

Group: testing
Lesson: testing-gradebook

Learner used: test3

Attached png dump (but it doesn't show the traceback)

PS: I sort of start understanding grades and marks ;)

Posted by Daniel Schneider

2: Re: Bug (Revisiting a sequence)
In response to 1 11/15/09 07:41 PM
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Hi Daniel,

I logged into the translation server, logged in as test3 and had a look at the sequence. Test3 appears to have finished the lesson...

Did this issue somehow mend itself or did you work out a work-around?

Do you know the steps to reproduce?


Posted by Luke Foxton

3: Re: Bug (Revisiting a sequence)
In response to 1 11/15/09 07:46 PM
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Oh, sorry my mistake, I misread your post.

So you've already completed the sequence and are going back to review the activities..

Normally when revisiting an activity, it clicking the next button should simply close the window. So there is definately something going wrong with the qa activity. I'll investigate further and let you know


Posted by Luke Foxton

4: Re: Re: Bug (Revisiting a sequence)
In response to 3 11/15/09 08:09 PM
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Hi David,

after talking to Jun-Dir, it seems he has already come across this problem and fixed it - Thanks Jun-Dir. See here:

It isnt in the latest translations server build so hence it still exists there.


Posted by Luke Foxton

5: Re: Re: Re: Bug (Revisiting a sequence)
In response to 4 11/15/09 10:53 PM
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One quick note, Jun is now updating translations as we speak, it should be up and running shortly.

Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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