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1: Bug (wiki) - translation server nov 16
11/16/09 10:02 AM
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Found a bug (a regression since it did work on Friday)

(1) When loading the activity in the sequence
Error: missing ) after argument list
Source File:
Line: 556, Column: 35
Source Code:
alert("A Wiki page with title "" + title + "" already exists, please choose a different title.");

... after that you get a whole lot of fallout, e.g.

(2) Hitting the save changes button

Error: doEditOrAdd is not defined
Source File: javascript:doEditOrAdd('editPage');
Line: 1

(3) Clicking on "Wiki Main Page"
Error: submitWiki is not defined
Source File:
Line: 31

To reproduce this:
- simply drag a wiki and then preview (or save it as a lesson and then have a student do it ...)


-- french testing
---- test monitoring

- translation server nov 16 2009
- Client (all sorts: Firefox/IE and learner/author)

Posted by Daniel Schneider

2: Re: Bug (wiki) - translation server nov 16
In response to 1 11/16/09 06:14 PM
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Hi Daniel,

thanks for once again finding the bugs we miss. Yes this was a result of the fix we did for the french characters... We didnt manage to test everything in time so thanks for noticing it. It will be fixed with teh next translations update.


Posted by Luke Foxton

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