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1: Anything similar to AutoView for Moodle?
11/19/09 03:25 PM
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I am absolutely in LOVE with LAMS after going through 10 different systems and all of which are not even close to being this easy.

However, this is ONE major thing that is missing that is holding me back from proceeding with LAMS. I need the ability to create a course (or lesson) that I can have a video playing on the left side of the screen and the powerpoint presentation on the right (same thing as AutoView on Moodle - Moreso, I was even thinking about using it with even more features where you can also import a word document or PDF and it will popup where the slideshow is --> all of which are time sequenced with the video.

Is there anything like this in LAMS? Anyway I can get this kind of module?

Thanks a lot for the help!!

Posted by Ryan Stomel

2: Re: Anything similar to AutoView for Moodle?
In response to 1 11/19/09 04:59 PM
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After looking into this a little further, I noticed DimDim. This is almost exactly what I want, but it is only LIVE. Is there anyway these presentations can be made available to review at anytime?

Posted by Ryan Stomel

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