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1: LAMS settings for performance/scalability
11/17/05 08:26 PM
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In this post I'll outline some of the server settings that you can change to tweak the performance of a LAMS server, depending on the capacity of your hardware. Feel free to add, comment, or criticise in this thread...

See this page: for where to configure these settings.

- minimum virtual memory heap size (default: 256 MB)
- maximum virtual memory heap size (default: 256 MB)

Don't set Java's maximum memory size to more than 50% of your machine's physical memory. Also keep in mind the amount of memory MySQL will need. The amount you can raise the Tomcat settings below will be constrained by this setting.

Tomcat web connections
- minProcessors (default: 5)
- maxProcessors (default: 75)
- acceptCount (default: 100)

As a guide, you can set maxProcessors to 100 for each 256MB memory given to Java in the above setting.

- max_connections (default: 100)

Tomcat's ManagedConnectionPool of database connections
- minSize (default: 10)
- maxSize (default: 100)

max_connections is MySQL's setting, the other two are Tomcat's - in general, keep maxSize the same as max_connections. If LAMS is the only application running on MySQL, you can set these to the same as maxProcessors above.

Posted by Jun-Dir Liew

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