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1: Importing IMS package as a LAMS sequence
02/05/10 02:58 PM
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I understand that there are various challenges in importing an IMS package into a LAMS sequence. The issues may include the tools involved in the sequence etc.

Is there someone who has thought of it or has an approach?

Shared Resources tool does allow adding an IMS Content to it.


Posted by Shagul Khaja

2: Re: Importing IMS package as a LAMS sequence
In response to 1 02/05/10 10:09 PM
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IMS Content Package is a specification just about packaging content, not activities or tools.

LAMS can import IMS CP packages in Share Resources as you well point out, so you can play them in LAMS.

However, if what you want to do is export a LAMS sequence as a IMS CP, then that won't fly as you aren't packaging just content but flows of activities.

The IMS consortium has been working on a specification that call IMS Tools Interoperability but so far it has been quite limited to do what LAMS activities do.

A much robust and cohesive approach is the LAMS Tool Contract that also includes the Tool Adapters, so you can import and export sequences of learning activities including tools that run in various LMS (Sakai, Moodle, .LRN, etc).

I hope that helps.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

3: Re: Re: Importing IMS package as a LAMS sequence
In response to 2 02/06/10 06:14 AM
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Thanks Ernie. That was a very good explanation as I am quite new to this domain.


Posted by Shagul Khaja

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