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1: Access log files
02/11/10 04:26 AM
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Would not be useful to examine the access log files from the Admin Panel (as moodle, for example)?

Posted by Edoardo Montefusco

2: Re: Access log files
In response to 1 02/11/10 06:49 PM
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Hi Edoardo,

I think I have seen how this works in Moodle. However, I'm not so sure how this would work in LAMS student don't randomly do/jump from one activity to the next.

Perhaps we can think of a way for the teacher to see what lessons students have been doing in a period of time... but I think it will also be nice to see how they have progress thru those lessons as well.

Perhaps you can suggest what type of interface we can create for this?



PS: I'm getting back to your emails shortly... sorry for the delay

Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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