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1: Single sign-on and universal logout
02/19/10 06:39 PM
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hi, i have been developing a customized login page for my school and users can now click on their lessons and go automatically to lams (with some customization on now what i want to develop is some kind of manual log off, giving users on the school portal a way to log off without being on Lams.

is there any way i can develop a script on the same machine as the lams so that i can signout a user manually ?

my ideal goal is to have something like a script that i can use to terminate a session of lams, already done that for moodle but lams is more confuse...

/var/lams/logoutuser user

thanks for any help or direction

Posted by Marco Ramos

2: Re: Single sign-on and universal logout
In response to 1 02/21/10 05:13 PM
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Hi Marco,

Here's something quick you can do. In the logout process for your portal, add a call to:


That will logout the user from LAMS as well.

I hope that helps.


Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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