Sequence: The concept of factorization - Template 1

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Sequence: The concept of factorization - Template 1
The concept of factorization | Παραγοντοποίηση αλγεβρικών παραστάσεων

In this scenario the students will remember a) the properties of the powers and b) the distributive property, and then they will be introduced to the concept and methods of factorization (extracting a common factor in algebraic expressions).

Based on a scenario proposed by ISCED-2 maths teacher Ms Despoina Plota (reference: adapted for A@L project

Keywords: Mathematics,  powers, distributive property, factorization

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Student-directed, reflection, self-assessment, student self-pacing, discussion boards
Also, differentiated  by teacher


An ed-puzzle:

“Are you familiar with the factorization process?” (“Γνωρίζετε τη διαδικασία της παραγοντοποίησης;”)
Watch the following video and answer the questions posed during it:

3 youtube videos

An e-quiz (self-assessment)
LAMS quiz

GeoGebra Math Apps

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