Sequence: TBL - Elements

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Sequence: TBL - Elements
Team-Based Learning Lesson on Using the Elements of the Periodic Table

This lesson is for education purposes only.

Author: Lorrie Comeford
Based on the Module "Elements" in the Team Based Learning Collaborative

This module is for General Chemistry I which is the first chemistry course taken by undergraduate chemistry and biology majors. It has been used with classes ranging in size from 35 to 40. This is the second TBL module in the course, and it typically takes three 90 minute periods to complete. Topics include: the periodic table, elements, ions, isotopes, molar mass and moles.

Keywords: Chemistry, Elements, the periodic table, ions, isotopes, molar mass and moles.

Run time: Three 90 minute periods to complete each stage.

Delivery Mode:
  - TBL synchronous (in class -face-2-face, or online)
  - TBL asynchronous

Outline of Activities: This is a Team Based Learning Lesson and it contains:

  - Individual Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT)
  - Team Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT)
  - 2 Application Exercises (AEs)
  - Self & Peer Review
  - Student self-reflection

Learning Objectives:

Use the periodic table to find quantities of interest for element:

  1. Predict the reactivity and physical properties of the elements using the periodic table.
  2. Determine the number of protons, neutrons and electrons for a given isotope.
  3. Write the symbol for an isotope given the number of protons and neutrons.
  4. Determine the number of protons and electrons for a given ion.
  5. Use the periodic table to predict the charge on monatomic ions.
  6. Identify the location of metals, nonmetals and metalloids.
  7. Identify the location of main group elements and transition metals.
  8. Name following groups: 1A, 2A, 7A, 8A.
  9. Use the Avogadro constant to calculate moles or number of molecules.
  10. Use the molar mass to calculate mass or number of moles.
  11. Solve quantitative problems using units

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