Sequence: Global Health Microbiology - TBL

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Sequence: Global Health Microbiology - TBL
Global Health Microbiology - TBL

Description: By the conclusion of this this TBL module students will be able to evaluate the relative effectiveness of different infectious disease control strategies based on knowledge of parasite life-cycles. They will recognize that infectious disease is a complex problem with regional and societal facets in addition to basic and clinical science. Pre-work focuses on independent study of parasite life-cycles while in class activities focus on applying this knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Keywords: Disease, Pathogenesis, Life cycle hosts or vectors, immunology


Joanna L. Shisler
University of Illinois

Christopher M Burns
Central Michigan University

Preparation Materials:
- Read Hopkins DR “Disease Eradication” N Engl J Med 2013;368:54-63. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMra1200391.
- See Levinson’s Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology for basic properties of the microbes. Organism specific chapters and the summary in Part IX should both be used.

This is one of three TBL modules in a 40 hour mixed-methods basic microbiology course for first year medical students. The TBL is delivered using the standard protocol used at the University of Illinois College of Medicine adapted from Larry Michaelsen.

Run time:
- 15 minutes IRAT
- 15 minutes GRAT
- 10 minute break
- 10 minute instructor feedback
- 50 minutes GAE
- 10 minutes wrap-up and informal team feedback

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Outline of Activities:
This is a Team Based Learning Lesson and it contains:

  - Individual Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT)
  - Team Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT)
  - 1 Application Exercise (AE)
  - Student self-reflection

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