Sequence: Colour Symbol Image Thinking Routine

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Sequence: Colour Symbol Image Thinking Routine
The Colour, Symbol, Image thinking routine’s core purpose is to enhance students’ comprehension, synthesis, and organisation of ideas in activities that involve the reading of, writing of, and listening to a text through the identification of the essence of key words and ideas. 

The routine -which was developed as part of Harvard Project Zero, includes three key steps to build understanding: choosing a representative colour, a representative symbol, and a representative image. The routine is flexible to work across a range of subject areas and is easily implemented for use with students of a range of ages.

In this learning design, students will read a passage from 'Huckleberry Finn' in order to answer the question: 

Does Mark Twain admire the character of Huckleberry Finn? Name and describe the specific traits that Twain attributes to Huck that make him an admirable person or not.

The CSI Thinking routine involves reading the extract, highlighting interesting and important information and then completing these three steps: 

After the reading students - individually first, will get to complete three questions regarding Huck's character:

•    Identify the color that best represents the character of Huck (using Symbolism of Colours)
•    Draw a symbol that best represents Huck.
•    Create an image that best represents him. 

Then students get to share their three representations (Colour, symbol and image) with each other and discuss why they chosen these. 

And finally, as a team, collaborate to have a team agreed representation of colour, symbol and image.  

Finally, the teacher shares all teams' output to others for comments and ratings. 

Outline of activities

1. Introduction to the exercise [Noticeboard]

2. Setting up teams [Grouping]

3. Highlighting the text [doKu]

4. CSI introduction [Noticeboard]

5. Individual CSI representation

6. Team discussion and team CIS representation

7. Exercise reflection

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