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1: Using Moodle Forums
11/29/05 01:08 PM
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Hi, I've sent a private message to Ernie because I need to solve this urgently (I'm giving a presentation about the LAMS - Moodle integration :-}).

I will post my query here as well just in case somebody in a different time zone can give me an answer before Ernie. Not that I really expect this to be possible because the guy doesn't sleep, but you never know :-}

OK, here's my question. It was my understanding that with the new version it would be much easier to use some of the native Moodle activities such as the Moodle forums (something else as well?). I've been playing around trying to create some sequences with the new LAMS (I assume this is what you have installed in the test Moodle course in

I don't see any way to create an instance of a Moodle forum except for doing it in the old way: creating a forum in Moodle and adding a link to it.

If there is anybody who can help me with this, I would really appreciate it.

Also, is there any documentation about the new features and how to use them?

Thanks very much in advance.

Josep M.

Posted by Josep M. Fontana

2: Re: Using Moodle Forums
In response to 1 11/30/05 02:20 PM
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Please, please, please. I need your help, people. I'm giving a presentation about the LAMS Moodle integration in MoodleMoot05 Spain and I would like to show the improved degree of integration in the new version of LAMS.

Am I wrong in assuming that one of the improvements was to be able to create a Moodle forum directly from within LAMS? I think I read this somewhere. If that is so, could anybody tell me how you do it? Maybe I suffer from sleep deprivation and I can't see the obvious but I've spent quite a lot of time trying
to figure this out without any success.

Josep M.

Posted by Josep M. Fontana

3: Re: Re: Using Moodle Forums
In response to 2 11/30/05 03:16 PM
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I wish I could help you. I have been playing around with the test site and have not been able to figure it out either.

It is, as you imply, possible to link to an existing forum, but I don't see a way to create one while you are working in LAMS.

I know this isn't helpful but I didn't want you to think you were alone out there, or missing something obvious. Or if you are, I am as well.

Dean S.

Posted by Dean Shankle

4: Re: Using Moodle Forums
In response to 1 11/30/05 03:38 PM
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Hi Josep,

It is possible to use Moodle forums within LAMS as we display in the walkthru. The way you can do it is by create them in Moodle (as you normally do: turning on the editing mode, selecting the type of tool/activity, editing the content, save it, and then getting the hyperlink that launches the activity), and then add the link to an HTML noticeboard as an iframe or as a link into a Share Resource.

I think the confusion about using Moodle tools in LAMS authoring (when you are designing your sequences) and see them as activity tools that you can drag and drop to create a LAMS sequences is not possible in our current version (1.0.x). The reason being that our tools and sequence engine are very much the same thing, creating a monolithic type of system.

We realized that about a year and a half ago we decided to redesign LAMS to have a very clear separation between tools and LAMS core, so you can have pluggable tools that by using the LAMS API can 'talk' to the back end even if the LAMS Core and the tool aren't written in the same programming language. This is what we usually refer as the new version or LAMS 1.1.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

5: Re: Re: Using Moodle Forums
In response to 4 12/01/05 05:59 AM
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Thanks very much Dean and Ernie,

It is not what I would have liked to hear :-} but at least now I will stop wasting time and getting anxious.
It was my misunderstanding, then. I must have read somewhere that this direct integration with the Moodle services would happen in LAMS 1.1 and when the latest version of LAMS appeared, I must have thought "this is it" (forgetting that the latest version was not version 1.1). Oh well. We'll wait. You have us hooked now.

Josep M.

Posted by Josep M. Fontana

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