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1: Error: Socket read of headers timed out.
12/15/10 04:26 PM
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Hi guys and gals,

We have an issue where a LAMS activity has disappeared from a Moodle course. It still exsists but when we try and add it back we get the following error message (that flashes briefly)


lamstwo_get_lesson: HTTP Error: socket read of headers timed out


I see from another case that the time out response was increased in a .php file. I'm wondering if, and why we should try this, if the acitvity has worked before??

Can someone explain why this may suddenly happen.

We are running:

LAMS 2.3.3
Windows Server 2003
Moodle 1.9.9+


Posted by Alex Arathoon

2: Re: Error: Socket read of headers timed out.
In response to 1 12/15/10 04:43 PM
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A correction, we are running Windows Server 2008.

Posted by Alex Arathoon

3: Re: Re: Error: Socket read of headers timed out.
In response to 2 12/16/10 04:10 AM
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I'd suggest having a look at the lams.log and the server.log immediately after doing it and seeing if any errors appear there. If there are any errors then attach the logs to your reply. I don't like the sound of a LAMS activity "disappearing" and I wonder if LAMS might be throwing an error back to Moodle and Moodle isn't understanding the response.

I think the logs are in something like lamsblah\jbossblah\server\default\log where blah is replaced by a version number. Sorry I can't be more specific on location - I haven't looked at LAMS on windows for a long time and I can't access my notes that would tell me the right place!


Posted by Fiona Malikoff

4: Re: Error: Socket read of headers timed out.
In response to 1 12/16/10 09:28 AM
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Hi Alex,

Does Moodle and LAMS run on the same Windows box? If not, have a look at your firewall settings to see if the WIndows server is able to make calls on port 80 to where the LAMS server lives (and viceversa).

Otherwise, check out the logs as Fiona mentioned as that's probably going to give us more clues.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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